Review of 4RaBet


Let’s move on to look at online platform 4RaBet. Online platform 4RaBet provides gambling services in the direction of betting and gambling. 

The two main sections of her work are: 
  • 4RaBet sports betting, 
  • 4RaBet online casino.

The 4RaBet online platform is a provider of gambling entertainment in various directions. 

On her website you can find out in detail about all the services she provides. 

This platform was created in 2018 and is aimed at the Indian population. The cricket betting opportunities are a testament to this. All the most important sections of the resource are covered in this review. You are advised to pay close attention to and explore each section. 

We also recommend that you read all the documentation on the 4RaBet website regarding the terms and conditions. 

The 4RaBet online platform has a number of features: 

  • a wide range of entertainment, 
  • a wide range of betting, 
  • excellent ratios, 
  • sports betting and online casino opportunities, 
  • cricket, 
  • cryptocurrency replenishment, 
  • a multitude of payment solutions, 
  • private office, 
  • quick registration, 
  • 24-hour technical support, 
  • quality software, 
  • 4RaBet’s user-friendly mobile version, 
  • 4RaBet’s mobile app, 
  • clear interfaces. 

Let’s start our review by looking at 4RaBet’s interface. You need to know what the official 4RaBet website looks like in order to identify it. 

Also, the mobile version and app of 4RaBet have the same design as the official website. Having an idea of them, you won’t go wrong. 4RaBet’s interface is quite user-friendly and easy to understand for new users. 

It has a basic light background and elements in white, blue.

The website has a low-key design, as the focus is on content. 

The developers decided that it was more important to equip the site with detailed information and content. All other features are accessible, visible and user-friendly. 

  • On the home page, next to the logo, you will see a horizontal menu. 
  • The horizontal menu shows the main sections of the website: 

Sports betting, casinos, bonuses, information. 

Next to the horizontal menu, you will find the option to register and log in to your personal account. 

The interface can also change its language for convenience. The interface is currently available to you in Hindi. 

This is not an insignificant aspect for people in India. 

This will make the content of the website easier to understand. If you need to translate the content of the website into another language that is not on the website, you can use online translators. 

At the bottom of the website you will see information on documents, most frequent questions, privacy policy, technical support. We recommend that you study all documents, also the interface of the website. 

In order to start interacting with the site you will need to register. 

Register for a personal account on the 4RaBet website. 

Registration is the process of creating a personal account. A personal account is also called an account or profile.

An account allows you to use all the features of 4RaBet without restriction. 

Once you register you can apply for bonuses, read information, contact technical support and make deposits and withdrawals. 

Always handle financial transactions carefully and responsibly.

To register you will need to follow a few steps: 

  • from your mobile phone or computer, go to the official 4RaBet page, 
  • go to the «registration» section in the horizontal menu, 
  • follow the prompts. 

In order to register with 4RaBet you will need to fill in an application form with the following details: email address and password. 

  • The email address must be genuine and belong to you. You must also have access to log in to this email. This is important as you will receive emails from 4RaBet. 
  • The password must be complex and secure. We recommend using at least 6 characters. You can also use letters and numbers. Do not share your credentials with third parties. 

During the registration process you will be given the opportunity to activate the 4RaBet welcome bonus. To do so you can accept these terms and conditions directly in your personal cabinet. You can also reject the welcome bonus. 

Incentives are divided into several options. We will cover them in more detail in the «bonuses» section. 

After registering, the system will take you back to the home page. And you can already start funding your deposit. Once you have funded, you will be able to place real bets. As you can see, it only takes a few minutes to register. 

Log in to your personal account. 

To log in to your account, you will need your email address and password. These are the details you entered when you registered your account. They are your account details. Do not give these details to third parties. Especially after you have made a deposit. 

Making a deposit on the 4RaBet website. 

4RaBet offers various payment solutions for deposits: 

  • Neteller, Skrill, PayTM and so on. 

You can also top up using cryptocurrencies. 

This is a fairly convenient and quick way of depositing funds into a gaming account. Once you deposit, you will have two accounts open in your personal cabinet: 

  • game balance, 
  • bonus balance. 

Accordingly, you understand that different balances will be credited with different funds. The game balance will be credited with your real funds. The bonus balance will be topped up with bonuses from promotions in which you participate. Each bonus will require you to comply with the regulations.

4RaBet bonus programme

The 4RaBet online platform offers several different reward options.

In order to go to the «bonuses» section, you need to log in to your personal account.

In your personal office you can see which bonuses are available to you. 

Also check out the general bonuses in the horizontal menu on the homepage of the official 4RaBet website. 

At the time of registration, two welcome bonus options are available to new users.

Welcome bonuses from the 4RaBet website. 

As we said earlier, the 4RaBet website offers two activities: 

  1. bookmaker with sports betting 
  2. and online casinos. 

Accordingly, the welcome bonuses are offered in two variants:

  1. for a betting shop, 
  2. for the casino. 

The formats of these welcome bonuses are almost identical. The differences are that the bonuses need to be realised in different activities. 

If you have opted for casino bonuses, accordingly you should only bet at the casino. 

This way you will be in compliance with the bonus conditions. 

General rules for the application of bonuses.

All bonuses have their own time limits, and rules of application. All of the rules in the regulations are called bonus wagering rules. 

The bonus may involve playing a certain slot, betting on a certain sport and so on. 

That is, the bonus has a certain limit and rules for its application. The bonus also has an expiry date. 

For example, if you do not meet all the conditions in time, the bonus will be cancelled. 

And it will not appear in your personal account, in the ‘bonus balance’ section. 

The greatest number of questions usually arise in relation to the awarding of bonuses. 

Users very often forget the rules and requirements for applying a particular bonus. Or they are late in implementing it. After that, questions arise as to why the bonus has not been credited. We therefore recommend that you follow all the terms and conditions of the bonus if you want to apply it. 

At the time of writing, the welcome bonuses offer a 200% increase on the first deposit. 

In order to get any kind of welcome bonus you need to be

  •  new customers, 
  • register your personal account for the first time,
  •  select bonus, activate bonus, 
  • fulfil the conditions of the welcome bonus. 

This way you will be able to get bonuses on your balance. 


4RaBet mobile app. 

4RaBet’s website is well designed and of good quality. Its software allows you to log in to your personal account from various devices. However, the most convenient version for mobile phones is the app. By downloading the app to your mobile phone you are installing additional software. 

Consequently, your phone must be compatible with the software. It must also be free of viruses and have free memory. If the phone works correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems with the installation. 

Also note that the applications have been developed for different operating systems. There are phones working on android, and there are phones working on iOS. These are iPhones.

This is why you need to download exactly the right software for your mobile phone. 

The mobile app is slightly faster than the mobile version and the official website. This is due to the development of the software. The mobile app also helps to save internet traffic. 

To download the mobile app you will need to 

  • go to your personal account, 
  • under «applications» select the operating system and download the software. 

You need to do this from your mobile phone. This allows you to immediately download the necessary link to your mobile phone and install the app. 

After downloading the mobile app to your phone, log in and start using your account fully. 

The mobile app is fully compliant with the official website and does not limit the possibilities and the user. You can place bets, play games, make deposits, withdraw winnings and communicate with technical support. 

From a mobile phone, the app is easier to use than the browser version. If you encounter any difficulties in interacting and downloading the app, please contact technical support.


The activities of the 4RaBet online platform. 

The 4RaBet platform offers two lines of business: 

  • sports betting, 
  • online casino. 

We now take a closer look at each category of entertainment. 

Betting on sports on the 4RaBet website. 

In order to bet on sports, you will need to log in to your personal account and make a deposit. 

There is no option to bet in the demo version. Therefore, make a deposit in a convenient way.

In order to do so, you will need to: 

  • go to the official page of the 4RaBet website, 
  • log in to your personal account, 
  • make a deposit, 
  • go to the betting shop section. 

Sports betting is a bet between a client and a bookmaker’s office on the outcome of a sporting event. 

The bookmaker 4RaBet offers a wide range of different sports events. 

  • You can bet on sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, handball, handball, tennis, tennis and more. 


A great option is to bet on cricket. Since 4RaBet’s site is India-focused, the availability of cricket broadcasts is an advantage. 

In order to place cricket bets you need to follow these steps: 

  • sign in to your personal account, 
  • make a deposit, 
  • go to the betting shop section, 
  • choose crickets to bet on. 

The bookmaker’s interface implies a horizontal menu with sections on sports, standings, odds, and detailed information. 

You can choose the matches that are going on right now or check out the tournament schedule for the future. 

On the left-hand side, in the vertical menu, you can select one of the sports. At the time of writing, more than 20 different sports are available to 4RaBet customers. The first, however, is cricket.

Cricket on 4RaBet. 

Cricket is a great team sport. It involves playing with a wooden bat and a small ball. It is a team game. There are 11 players in each team. The game is like a real battle for an opportunity to score a goal against an opponent. Г

The ball is scored by hitting it with the bat. The ball must hit the opponent’s wicket. In this way a goal is scored. It is a fairly intense and active game. 

Athletes have to be strong and hardy. They are also often exposed to injuries. Shields and equipment are used to protect athletes. 

This exciting sport has been popular in India for the last few decades. Cricket originated in England several centuries ago. It has spread all over the planet. And it is particularly loved by the people of India.

Today, India has a national cricket league and its own team. The championships gather a huge number of fans. 

Bookmakers are taking an incredible number of bets in the midst of the championship.

Other sports will also be available to you. On the bookmaker section page you will see the full list and you will also be able to place various bets using different odds. 

How do I bet on sports?

Betting on sports allows you to assert yourself through knowledge of a particular sport. It is not just a process built on luck. 

The quality of forecasts depends on knowledge and erudition. In order to make a correct prediction, you will need an analytical mind and a sufficiently broad information base. 

In order to place the right bet on a sport you will need to analyse a number of indicators: 
  • team ranking, 
  • match conditions, 
  • the rules of the game, 
  • command staff, 
  • the composition of the judges, 
  • a number of additional factors.

 If the game is played outdoors, even the weather forecast has to be taken into account. The field on which the teams are meeting also plays a role. It is a home match or an away match. The teams may have different results on different pitches. Therefore, in order to make a bet, you will have to take all these factors into consideration.

So you not only need knowledge of the rules of the game, but also an analytical mindset and a systematic approach. 

In addition you can make predictions not only on the outcome of the event but also on the current event. This means that you can predict any other related events during the live broadcast. For example, who will be the strongest player in the match.

Live streaming on the 4RaBet website. 

Live streaming allows you to watch the game live and bet in parallel. Not every resource has this capability. It requires high quality technical support and partnership with match organizers. The 4RaBet website can guarantee a stable live feed. At the same time you can make various predictions. For that you need to make a deposit.

4RaBet online casino.

The second line of business of the 4RaBet online platform is casinos. Nowadays, a large number of services offer casino services. So you can compare and choose one or the other. You will also appreciate the entertainment offered by 4RaBet Casino. 

The main emphasis is on slot machines. They are also called slots. Almost all online casino games are implemented in slots format. It is only the live casino that stands out. 

But more on that later. 

  • Different kinds of slots will be available to you: fast, free, Aviator slot and so on. 

The exact list can be found in the relevant «online casinos» section. 

A slot is a virtual game that allows you to place a bet in a few seconds and see the result. A random number generator is responsible for the slot’s action. The principle of the game is to match the symbols on the slot’s reels. Almost all games have the same principle. 

They differ only in design and style When playing slots, the outcome is influenced solely by luck. Because you can’t influence the course of the game. Your only job is to watch the slot’s reels spin. 

A separate category is the Aviator slot.

Aviator slot on 4RaBet. 

This is one type of slot that has been gaining incredible popularity in recent times. It first appeared on the casino market in 2019. The amazing thing is that it has a simple, even primitive interface. All you see on the screen is a dark screen and a plane taking off. Behind the plane moves. This line determines the growth of the user’s winnings. The idea is to have time to place a bet before the plane falls. The plane may collapse at the beginning of take-off. And also fly to the highest point.

It is impossible to predict this, as a random number generator is responsible for its operation. The game’s simplicity and clarity attracts a huge number of fans around the world. 

You get the feeling that you can influence the game and determine the moment for a good bet.

There aren’t many casinos that offer the Aviator slot today.

It’s a fun game that tickles the nerves and trains your stamina. 

In order to play the Aviator slot, you will need: 
  • sign in to your personal account, 
  • go to the «casino» section, 
  • select the «Aviator» slot, 
  • start playing. 

You can only bet on the Aviator slot with real money.

In addition to the above, the rest of the traditional casino entertainment will be available to you: 

  • roulette, baccarat, card games and so on. 

These games will be offered to you in a virtual format. In order to learn how to play them, learn the rules. It is especially important to know the rules for card games. For example, poker is different in that you will need to know the card combinations.

Live casino at 4RaBet. 

At any online resource, a live casino is an advantage. A real dealer takes your bet online. Through a video link, you watch what’s happening at the gaming table. A live casino gives the customer the feeling of being at the gaming room. This is particularly enjoyable when no real casino is available. 

You are looking at a live dealer and placing a bet online in order to place a bet in a live casino, you must make a deposit in your personal account. 

Also have to have a reliable online connection. The Internet should be uninterrupted. 

Gambling, including roulette and card games, has been around for centuries. However, they may be illegal in different countries. 

We recommend that you treat 4RaBet as an entertainment resource. We also advise you to be aware of the laws in your country. This review does not encourage you to interact with 4RaBet, but is for illustrative purposes only. 

4RaBet’s technical support team.

Every self-respecting Internet platform should have a helpdesk. Since software is a complex product, there should always be real people who can help interact with it. Very often situations arise that the customer does not understand. In such a situation, the help of a qualified specialist is very useful.

  • The 4RaBet technical support team is particularly pleased that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • It is also open 7 days a week. 

This allows you to ask for help at any time when you are interacting with the resource. 

Several communication channels are available to you: 
  • telegram, online chat, email.

Before you ask any questions, you can try to find the answer yourself. There is a «frequently asked questions» section on the official 4RaBet website. 

It describes standard customer situations and answers popular questions. If you are unable to solve the problem yourself, please contact 4RaBet’s Technical Support Team in any way you see fit. 

Describe your problem as accurately and clearly as possible and wait for a reply. The speed of response will depend on the communication channel you choose. Generally, communication via chat rooms is much faster than by post.


How long does it take to register?

Just a few minutes.

What information will I need to enter to set up my personal account?

Email address and password.

Are there any applications?

Yes. There are mobile apps for different kinds of phone operating systems.